1. Introduction To Kabbalah

  • What is (and is not) Kabbalah?
  • What is Kabbalah’s purpose?
  • Who is Kabbalah for?
  • How can Kabbalah help you?
  • Why is Kabbalah growing in popularity?

2. Where Did You Come From? Where Are You Now? Where Are You Headed?

  • The ultimate contradiction about having a Creator: If there is a Creator that’s all good and loving, then why is there so much suffering?
  • The four methods humanity has used to deal with this contradiction.
  • Kabbalah’s approach to this contradiction, explained in 3 states: 1) Where did you come from? 2) Where are you now? 3) Where are you headed?
  • How to get from where you are now to where you are headed optimally, i.e. with understanding, enjoyment and consciousness, and without pain.

3. Who Are You? What Is Reality?

  • How do you perceive reality?
  • How do you know if what you perceive is real?
  • What is at the source of your perception?
  • What can you change your perception into, and how

4. Where Do Your Thoughts & Desires Come From? How Can You Use Them Optimally?

  • The Kabbalistic allegory about the host and the guest and how it relates to you.
  • Three approaches to your thoughts & desires: 1) Unconsciously being under their control, 2) Suppressing them, 3) Rising above them.
  • How can you make a change? By actions or by intentions?

5. What Is Time, Space & Motion?

  • Why do you feel sometimes like time flies, and sometimes things take a long time?
  • Where does your perception of space, distance and separation between yourself and others come from?
  • Just because you move from place to place, is it really considered that you’re moving, or are you just staying still the whole time?
  • How can you speed up time, discover a whole new space, and really start moving?

6. How To Make World Peace A Reality

  • Humanity’s globalization and today’s global crisis explained by Kabbalah.
  • How to use nature’s examples to model a perfect existence for humanity.
  • Why have all attempts toward a peaceful existence among humanity failed? What was the missing element in all those attempts?
  • How does Kabbalah provide what was missing in all past attempts to make a peaceful existence for humanity?


7. Do You Have Free Will? – Part 1

  • Why do you want freedom in the first place, freedom from what?
  • What is the formula that motivates every action you make, and every thought you think?
  • How does society influence the choices you make?
  • The four factors that determine everything happening to you, and everything in nature.

8. Do You Have Free Will? – Part 2

  • What are the prerequisites for free will?
  • How is the environment a factor in realizing free will?
  • What do you need in your environment to realize free will?
  • What is the effort that is key to realizing free will?


9. How To Discover The One Force Acting On You

  • What is the one force constantly acting on you?
  • Why is this force hidden from you?
  • How can you attain perception and sensation of this force?
  • Why is attaining this force beneficial to you and everything around you?

10. Creation & Evolution Explained: From Before The Big Bang To The Future, Final State Of Existence

  • What happened before the Big Bang?
  • What formula bases nature’s and humanity’s creation and evolution?
  • What are the stages of nature’s and humanity’s evolution, according to this formula?
  • Where is humanity headed from today onward, according to this formula?